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If you have found yourself on this path, welcome to Lika!
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A place where the meadow extends to untouched nature, an oasis of peace and guaranteed adventure!
Located in the heart of the forest, in the valley of Nikola Tesla's birthplace!

Tesla's Valley

Tesla's Valley was created primarily out of love for natural values ​​and the ever-increasing need for true rest for soul and body. Our destination offers a unique opportunity to escape from everyday life and return to natural values.
Enjoy the clean air, the beautiful environment and the simple joys that nature offers us. Time slows down here, and you connect with the essence of life!

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Near our camp

Memorial center Nikola Tesla

The Nikola Tesla Memorial Center consists of previously existing and newly built buildings. Preserved and restored buildings are: Nikola Tesla's birthplace, church of St. apostles Peter and Paul, farm building (barn), stone monuments and a bench of architect Zdenko Kolacija. The newly built facilities are: porch, examination station. a multimedia center with an associated playground for children, a monument to Nikola Tesla by Mila Blažević, an outdoor auditorium, a Tesla turbine and a bridge or platform. On 13,000m2, the Memorial Center offers a combination of the preserved past and a multimedia display of his life and works. Passing through the segments of the museum, we chronologically follow Tesla's life with an insight into his personality and habits, and finally view functional replicas of the most important inventions, including a scaled-down version of the test station from Colorado Springs. The children's playground is also designed to resemble some of Tesla's inventions.
Lika river
Collecting mountain catchment waters, the Lika River rises at the foot of Velebit and 78 km away, as the second largest sinkhole in Europe, disappears into the underground of the Lika field. Through the centuries, the water has persistently deepened the marvelous canyon, the beauty of which you can enjoy independently or under our guidance.
Lake Kruščica
The river Lika expands into the hydro-accumulation lake Krušćica, in the depths of which there is a sunken village of the same name with the church of St. Ilija. Today, the lake is home to numerous flora and fauna and attracts curious people from all over the world with its beauty.
Grabovača is an elevation - a hill at 770 m above sea level, 2.5 km from the center of Perušić. On Grabovača there is an inestimable wealth of underground karst formations, which makes up 1/4 of the total number of protected speleological objects in Croatia. Six caves and one pit, three of which are on the list of protected national geomorphological natural monuments:


The word itself speaks about the name of the cave (self-made, self-built – samograd). The biggest and most attractive is the cave on Grabovača, which is located on the eastern slopes of the hill. It is 240 m long, the height of the channel is from 4 to 30 m, and the width of the channel in some places from 25 to 30 m. It is characterized by the richness and attractiveness of calcite formations: stalactites, stalagmites, sagged columns and two sagged bridges. The entrance is located at 675 m above sea level, lies in an elliptical sinkhole, is in the form of a narrow channel, and then expands into a large hall that narrows again. Access is easy and simple, going down into the cave on concrete steps, and progressing through the cave is easy on stone steps and paths. Before you come to visit Samograd, it is good to know: • the air temperature in the cave ranges from 7 to 10º C • you should dress warmly, or preferably in layers, so that you can cozy up if it's warm outside • shoes must be suitable for walking on wet and slippery stairs • Samograd is illuminated, but it is good to have a small one at hand flashlight
The Cerovac Caves are the largest and most interesting in Croatia, four kilometers southwest of Gračac, on the north-eastern slope of the Velebit hill Crnopac (1403 m), in the southern part of the Velebit Nature Park. They were discovered during the construction of the Lika railway in 1924, and were discovered by the railway builder Nikola Turkalj. They were named after the Cerovac railway station. These caves are one of the largest cave bear sites in Croatia, and fossil human bones and a bronze ax were found. The length of the caves is 3,800 m, and the entire system is 4 kilometers. The Upper Cave is 1200 m long, and the Lower Cave is 2400 m long. Between them is a much smaller, Middle Cave. The average temperature in the caves is 11°C.
The top parts of the northern and middle Velebit, from Zavižan to Baški Oštari, are connected by the 57 km long Premužić trail, named after its designer Anta Premužić, (1889 – 1979) a famous builder of roads and trails on the Velebit. The construction of the track lasted only 3 years (1930-1933). The construction of the trail enabled access to the most inaccessible and most beautiful parts of Velebit, previously known only to a small number of residents. Since there are no big climbs, even people who are not used to hiking can go through it. They can find refuge in several hiking facilities located near the trail. The height difference between the highest and the lowest point in its entire length is only 200 meters. Masonry serpentines; it passes through the wildest and most inaccessible karst of Velebit through underwalls, half-tunnels and small bridges. For all that and for being integrated into the natural environment, it can be called a masterpiece of construction.
The cove is about 900 m long and 50-150 m wide. Due to its natural values, it was declared a protected landscape in 1964, and since 1981 it has been an integral part of the Velebit Nature Park. At the beginning of the last century, a promenade and terraces were built in the very center of the bay to prevent further deterioration. To stop the torrents, cypresses, alpine pines, figs, holm oaks and other trees were planted in the drywall, on cascades and terraces. Today, Zavratnica is home to 129 plant species, of which 100 are autochthonous.


Everything our Lika offers! And we are here to offer you activities and attractions that you can visit in addition to accommodation!
We also offer some of them, and if we don't have what you're looking for, we'll do our best to help you find it! We want each of our guests to make the most of their stay in Lika, because there is nothing bigger than our Lika!
Velebit is the largest mountain in Croatia, it stretches for 145 km and along the way bears the characteristics of different geographical and climatic affiliations. One side dips a "finger into the sea", the other extends deep into the Lički polje plateau. Observing the islands of the Adriatic Sea from the rocky peaks or enjoying the view of the continent from the shade of a lush forest is a completely different and equally impressive experience. National parks North Velebit and Paklenica and Premužić's hiking trail represent a protected, well-known and explored part of Velebit. The rest of the mountain is up to you and your curiosity. We are available for all kinds of information, as well as for the organization of personalized tours according to your interests. Povratne informacijeplaninarenje
Lika springs at the foot of Velebit at an altitude of about 600 meters and is the largest sinkhole in Lika with a length of 78 km. The approximate area of ​​the Lika basin is 1,600 square kilometers, and the river canyon itself extends through the Lika field and ends at the Kruščica reservoir. Due to its proximity to the sea, groups of seagulls resting on the surface of the water are a frequent sight of the lake. While the rhythmic sound of rowing fits into the natural soundscape, the probability of meeting the more common inhabitants of the region - otter, roe deer, deer, wolf or bear - increases. In our kayaks you can experience the calm waters of the Velebit basin firsthand. Excursions are guided and organized by GSS lifeguards and/or award-winning members of the Gospić Kayak-Canoe Club.Kajakarenje
In the area of ​​Lika, over Velebit and all the way to Novalja on the island of Pag, a large number of bicycle paths have been laid out. Their number grows every year in parallel with the interest of cyclists in this area. The diversity of the landscape and terrain allows you to have interesting trips, whether it's mountain or road biking.
In addition to information and purchasing maps of various routes, you can also arrange a personalized tour with an escort.

...denotes attention that is focused on the "now-and-here". It sounds easy. It's not. But it is not difficult, in fact, it comes naturally to us when something important or pleasant happens to us. But during routine or discomfort, our attention is easily occupied by thoughts[1]Which is, of course, useful - that's how problems are solved. But they also "chew" their worries. So we lie awake anxiously thinking about things that have happened (even though we can't change them) or things that have yet to happen (even though something else is happening right now). Our attention is everywhere but here.

Mindfulness teaches us to focus our attention on ourselves, i.e. our own experience of what is happening. In doing so, we consciously and without judgment accept every thought, feeling or bodily sensation[1]. Because they are definitely there. And they didn't come out of a vacuum - if we pay attention to them, we can better understand ourselves and the world. Which is not an easy task in a world where stress is everyday.

Strong physiological arousal of the body (i.e. stress) promotes impulsive behavior and jumping to conclusions. Meditation, as an exercise in regulating attention, supports the skill of observing our sensations and tendencies. Only when we allow ourselves to experience the context can we consciously act. Instead of just reacting.

Be careful what you think, because thoughts become words,
Be careful what you say, because words become actions,
Watch what you do, because actions become habits,  
Watch your habits, because they determine your character
Take care of your nature, because it becomes your destiny
Louis Pasteur

Mindfulness is not: a religion or a cult, a relaxation technique, transcendence/escape from everyday life, a way of "emptying" the mind of thoughts, selfishness, psychotherapy, a trick, or inaccessible to objective verification.

Mindfulness is: a scientific-health practice of improving physiological and psychological well-being. 

The course consists of six meetings during which we discuss our automatisms, the tendency to black-and-white understanding, the benefits of acceptance and compassion, goals and identity. Each meeting begins with a guided meditation and is accompanied by written and audio materials for the participants. The talks will be moderated by Zvonimir Šimić, prof. in psychology, therapist under supervision (certified by EAITSCYP and EUROPCS), member of teams responsible for psychosocial support in crisis situations at the National Red Cross Society and the Ministry of Science and Education. He has been intensively dealing with mindfulness for the past two years, first as a student and practitioner, and currently as a non-certified lecturer.

[1] We cannot think about the present moment ("here-and-now"). In order to abstract and conceptualize the experience of a moment, it is necessary that it has already happened.

[2] This does not mean that we accept, for example, an insult or a bad marriage. But we accept our reaction to an insult or a bad marriage, without impulsively trying to "fix" the situation. Getting rid of the need for things to be different, i.e. accepting reality, does not mean not changing things. We just change them according to (real) needs instead of (often conditional) wishes.


What kind of camp would it be if it didn't have a place to socialize! Under a shared canopy, we offer you a large brick grill and all the accessories you need to roast a lamb!
You know, here in Lika we have the famous Lika lamb! People will tell you, the best!
Of course, you can also roast zucchini from our organic garden, cevapi from good Lika butchers or corn from the fields of Lika!

Outside the canopy, we offer you an open fire and the experience of marshmallows under the starry sky of Tesla Valley! Relax and enjoy! There is no better sound than the crackling of fire!


Astor, Bepo and Deni are a trio that tirelessly run and play in the Tesla Valley
when they are with their owners! Your pets are also welcome to relax and
play!Pet friendly