Head of the family business, medical technician by profession employed in emergency medical care. In his free time, he is a member of the Mountain Rescue Service, where he gained enviable experience that led him to the position of instructor of other rescuers. Passionate soccer player and adrenaline junkie. As Tesla Valley was being created, he also created another dimension of his own personality - he is the main craftsman and contractor on all Tesla Valley buildings.


A great creative and animator of our team, but also the main animator of your children. She has a master's degree in primary education and is a future pedagogue, and recently also a mother. He devotes most of his time to awakening healthy and natural children's curiosity. Thus, she designs and implements animation for children at birthday parties, volunteers at the local Red Cross as a member of the intervention team and mentors young people. Member of the kayak-canoe club and with Ana, owner of the bronze medal of the Croatian rafting championship.


Currently primarily a mother, otherwise a versatile professor of psychology. She grew up together with Eni, in a picturesque village in the Risnjak National Park. He enjoys sharing his rich practical experience and love for nature with others. Although cautious, she has a hard time resisting the challenge. Also, a member of the kayak-canoe club and owner of the bronze medal in the Croatian championship, a volunteer of the Society "Our Children" and the Red Cross, where, in addition to local membership, she is part of the National Intervention Team in charge of psychosocial support in major disasters.


The original creator of the Tesla Valley project and primarily a theoretician, not a practitioner. By profession prof. in psychology who enjoys the turn of his life while slightly inverting the stated initial thesis. In accordance with this, he practices as a therapist under supervision, mindfulness trainer, school psychologist, member of the crisis intervention team at the Ministry of Education, volunteer of the Society "Naša djeca", association of parents for children with disabilities "Pčelica" and the Red Cross as a member of the national intervention team in charge of psychosocial support. Also, a proud father.





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