Fairy of Velebit

Tales of fairies in the mountains exist in many stories told and sung in many songs.
Word of mouth says that the spirit of nature is so beautiful that people see it as a fairy!

Did you know that Villa Velebita is Ličan's pride?!

And our fairy of Velebit...
When our fairies spill their fairy dust on the bed
than you sink into the most beautiful sleep!

Tesla's house

Story begins like this „On the night of July 10, 1856, there was an unprecedented thunderstorm over Lika, the sky was flooded with lightning, and Nikola Tesla was born that night in Smiljan! The greatest scientist of all time".

What would it be like to stay in Smiljan and watch the summer lightning, listen to the thunder and be in the house named after the great inventor! That's exactly why we have an option for the "brave" ones, of course we're joking because we don't have an electromagnet field in the house with which to summon lightning, but that's why we offer an experience by the fireplace and "cool" summer nights in Lika!

Medina kuća

Bears house

The Lika bear can reach a height of slightly less than two meters, weight from 150 to 600 kg. It lives in the forests of Lika and is the largest land animal in Croatia!
Although Bears's house seems small, it is quite high for a two-meter-tall person, but it is grounded and quite spacious to sink into a deep sleep!
If there's room for a bear, there's room for you too!

Tesla's Valley